Empire Spirits India Private Limited is one of the prominent importers, distributors and service providers of premium wines in India. With high quality wines and beers, Empire Spirits has earned a reputable name in the liquor industry with its impeccable service. It is a big player in international wine, beer and spirits' business in India. ESIPL offers the finest of liquor available in the world and covers domestic as well as the duty-free market. It offers quality services in the field of sales, marketing and distribution of international wines and spirits. ESIPL imports from Argentina, France, Chile, Italy and the USA among others.


ESIPL envisions establishing domestic and international top-notch spirits' brands further in India and expand their base in the liquor industry through fruitful collaborations.


ESIPL's mission is to take on board elite liquor brands and extensively increase the brand's consumer base in India via importing and distributing the client's finest liquor in high-end boutique stores, restaurants and hotels across the country.


ESIPL's objective is to bring respective brands and target consumers closer by facilitating effective mediums.


ESIPL brings forth elegant liquor by associating with some of the best domestic and international brands that make the choicest wines, beers and spirits.

The expansive list focuses on a palette that quenches the thirst for delicate and exclusive spirits.

ESIPL imports beer from Germany and envisions setting up breweries in India in the near future.



ESIPL imports top notch wines from countries like Chile, France, Italy, Australia, South Africa and the U.S.A.

ESIPL deals in elite brands of vodka, tequila and whiskey.



ESIPL offers support to clients via manpower, registrations, issues taxation, and acts as a liaison between two respective parties as well. ESIPL forms joint ventures wherein it imports, markets and distributes the products to the end-consumer through various channels of distribution. It also organizes other related and required services on behalf of the clients through its elaborate network of distribution. ESIPL has a customized package for its clients, according to their needs besides the standard services under the normal category of Party and Promotion.

Empire Spirits is open to discussion as the ultimate objective is to provide customer satisfaction via catering to the client's vision.

  • Full network of distribution.
  • Launch and promotions.
  • Team for handling Embassies' duty-free sales. Skilled sales team for on and off premise.
  • Good relations with F&B managers and directors of star properties.
  • Separate team for excise and customs services.
  • Associate distributor for an entire focused area.

Indian Market & Facts

Empire Spirits promotes a perfect balance of quality and quantity in spirits by championing only the best in the business, to be able to satiate the liquor desires of today's India.

ESIPL is present in several states across the country with its port in Mumbai. It has been expanding to reach out to the ultimate consumer with the finest of spirits.

  • Almost half of the world's whisky consumption takes place in India.
  • An average Indian drinker consumes almost 1.7 litres of beer a year.
  • Atleast 600 grapes are required to make a bottle of wine.
  • The 13 minerals essential for human life can all be found in alcohol.
  • The production of alcohol can be traced back as far as 12,000 years.
  • One of the world's oldest known recipe is for beer

Core Team

Subhash Chander Wadhwa

A graduate from Delhi University, Mr. Subhash Chander Wadhwa is a professional turned entrepreneur who loves challenges and creativity. He has worked with various startups and helped scale-up many businesses; Mr. Wadhwa is a visionary who has always been ahead of his times. With over 15 years of experience in the travel and real estate industry, Mr. Wadhwa is now taking Empire Spirits to newer heights of success with his business acumen.

Subhash Chander Wadhwa

Founder & Managing Director

Himanshu Wadhwa

Managing Director

Himanshu Wadhwa

Mr. Himanshu Wadhwa graduated from Saginaw Valley State University (USA) in 2007 and then joined Smile Tours & Travels as the Director, another successful branch of the company, and soon began spearheading Empire Spirits. With the support of his father, Mr. Wadhwa established himself as a successful entrepreneur and an outstanding business professional at a very young age. He strongly believes in creating job markets and contributing to the economic development of his country. Mr. Wadhwa is also closely associated with orphanages and charities where he supports humanitarian projects that provide shelter, education and rehabilitation of young girls, and has also adopted few orphaned children to help improve their quality of life.

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